Conversion of Individual Sound Levels into Leq

Sound pressure / Distance Calculator


       Event duration in sec

In our calculation, the noise curve of each event is approximated by a triangle.
Only the red area is used for calculation.
(Noise which is not less than LASmax - 10 dBA)
  10 events with a maximum level of 70 dBA and an event duration of 90 sec (related to a base-level of 30 dBA) will result in the following average sound indicators if averaged for certain given periods of time:

Period of time  Leq3 [dBA  Leq4 [dBA
1 hour 53.9 54.0
8 hours = 1 night 44.9 42.0
1 day 40.1 35.6
1 month 25.3 16.0
6 months =
averaging time defined by Law Against Aircraft Noise
17.5 5.6